If you oppose to the Crossroads development as currently proposed, contact these public officials to let them know. While this land is not in the City limits and is a decision pending before the Buncombe County Board of Adjustment, the City is the largest adjacent landowner and as such has legal standing to oppose the project. Let the City hear us and ask them to step up and protect City property and surrounding City residents. Let the County hear that this proposal does not work here. Emails are good, and phone calls are better.

Asheville City Council Members:

Email addresses to copy and paste:
esthermanheimer@avlcouncil.com, gwenwisler@avlcouncil.com, brianhaynes@avlcouncil.com, vijaykapoor@avlcouncil.com, juliemayfield@avlcouncil.com, sheneikasmith@avlcouncil.com, keithyoung@avlcouncil.com



The County Commissioners do not have direct oversight of this application but they do appoint the board that does have oversight (the Buncombe County Board of Adjustment). The Board of Adjustment may not be contacted directly.

Buncombe County Board of Commissioners:


Email addresses to copy and paste:
brownie.newman@buncombecounty.org, jasmine.beach-ferrara@buncombecounty.org, alfred.whitesides@buncombecounty.org, mike.fryar@buncombecounty.org, amanda.edwards@buncombecounty.org, joe.belcher@buncombecounty.org, robert.pressley@buncombecounty.org


Buncombe County Director of Planning & Development, Nathan Pennington: nathan.pennington@buncombecounty.org


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